Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Dear Friends,

I looking forward to home very much.  To see relatives and friends and to get on with various Projects.  I have done everything in East Africa that my budget will allow.  Today I am in Isiolo.  I want to make contact with acquaintances Bishop Joseph and Rev Alfred, but I cant find them around and my mobile connectivity is not working here.  So I have found a guest house in town for 800 Kenyan Shillings.  Projects:

1. Aircraftsman Shaw researches
2. Preparing slide-show.
3. Catching up on correspondence which has built up over last couple of months.
4. Hoped for lead with RWWHs.
5. Gardening to be put in order.
6. Planning France
7. Planning RAGBRAI
8. YHA Wardening week
9. MCFS walking
10. Working with Conservative Party.
11. Cleaning all my gear.
12. Other Project to remain a mystery.

Best Wishes


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