Thursday, 1 March 2012


Dear Friends,

Just a note from Mombassa. I am seeing home on the horizon. Feeling a bit tired and a small amount of home sickness these days. There is a lot to do at home, it demands me. Not sure what the remaining ten days will bring. I hope I feel a bit more refreshing and inspiring than I do at the moment. Maybe it is just the humidity of Mombassa that is reflected in my mood. Will make the big push to Nairobi in the morning. Once I would have feared Nairobi. The first thing any backpacker guide book does is warn you of the danger. God willing, I have found this to be nonsense. So I will do some exploring in Nairobi. They have a National Park right in the city. All my clothes and gear remain travel stained and dirty. Hope I will feel cleaner in the fresher air of Nairobi. See you in Nairobi.

Any messages kindly recieved.

Best Wishes


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