Tuesday, 21 June 2011


'The American Civil War Battle Fields Tour' has been on the table for most a year untill here it is. I booked a flight from Manchester via Heathrow to Washington gateway to the battlefields and sites in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, South & North Carolina and Georgia. As well as the sites there the Apallation Mountains which entice a visit. Washington itself is worth some days with Congress, Smithsonian, Fords Theatre, Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetry.
I am well packed, my carriage is the Dawes Karakum bicycle so eminently suitable to last years JOG-LE.
The big factor I dont know about is the traffic conditions and my ability to get about without too much hassle or cycling on freeways.
I am flying in the lap of British Airways luxury. Plan is to get to Washington Youth Hostel on the night of the 22nd and find a space waiting for me. May God help me.

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