Friday, 11 February 2011

LAKE ONTARIO Circuit cycle photos - 2005

This trip in the early summer of 2005 was made possible by a plane ticket to Toronto with the budget airline 'Zoom', and the splendid hospitality of my good friend Wai Sing of Toronto and laterly Singapore. I decided to cycle a circuit of Lake Ontario. The circuit took 10 days and covered about 500 miles.

CN Tower, Toronto.
Street scene in Toronto.

CN Tower in the distance and mist.

AW at Wai Sing's place.
Wai Sing's bicycle, pre-Singapore and Bike Friday.

Wild camp by Lake Ontario.

AW at Niagara Falls.

Cycling in the USA on the south side of Lake Ontario.

Larry & Nancy + young Holly
Wild camp

Wai Sing
Baseball match. Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore.

The lobby of the Royal York hotel in Toronto where I spent an amount of time on the sport of people watching.
Baseball ticket.

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